Sevgi Tohumları, which prepares environments where our special children can receive education with trainings customized by individuals according to their needs is the pioneer of the industry. It adds new ones to its success story in Turkey’s largest campus with the website we undertake.
Sevgi Tohumları Özel Eğitim ve Rehabilitasyon Merkezi
We have designed Search Engine Optimization and advertising strategies with the website using the most up-to-date technologies in the industry for MedicalDent Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, which offers a unique experience with the use of up-to-date information and high technological. They have an experienced staff who cares about their job with the motto of “Your smile is our smile”
Gülümsemeniz, gülümsememizdir
The website we prepared for No1903İzmir has the qualities that complement the service provided above the standards you will receive. No1903İzmir’s sophisticated and high-standard design satisfies your cultural and sociological demands beyond physical requirements.
No1903 İzmir
Havuz Marketiniz Superpool Logo
We took over the digital management of Superkim Pool Products 360 that Turkey’s Leading Pool Chemicals and Equipment Manufacturer. Outputs that create added value were produced with E-Commerce and Social Media Marketing services.
Havuz Dolusu Mutluluk
Alsancak Dostlar Fırını
The First Address of Boyoz, Alsancak Dostlar Bakery is a real phenomenon with its unique flavors since 1983. We undertook Online Sales and Web management besides that Digital Communication and Marketing consultancy.
Boyozun İlk Adresi
Ege İhracatçı Birlikleri
Through digital marketing seminars, I shared my successful project strategies with sector representatives, digital marketing expert candidates and relevant people, especially our exporters.
Teta Teknik Tarım Logo
TETA Technical Agriculture working science-based agriculture products produced in Turkey and has achieved great investment since the 1980s. We achieved a very special growth with our Social Media Marketing and Internet Advertising Consultancy.
Bilgi, Deneyim, Teknoloji
Bayraklı Belediyesi Logo
We have provided consultancy in the fields of making the communication highly sensitive and qualified, giving the correct message to categorized data groups, based on the location in Izmir and the neighborhoods it is affiliated with.
Şimdi Bayraklı Zamanı
İzmir Ticaret Odası
We organized trainings for 500+ marketing experts affiliated with İZTO member companies in 2016-17 and 2017-18 Seasons with İZTO Foundation.
İzto Vakfı
Economic authorities who want to earn qualification for the World Economic Forum in Turkey for tourism and convention tourism and cyber security market with the brand by bringing together investors, digital interaction, we tried to put in brand awareness.
Ephesia Logo
We provided Social Media marketing and advertising consultancy for Ephesia Resort and Ephesia Beach hotels.
Ephesia My Home
Ferahi Evler Butik Otel Logo
We made Web, Reservation Module Software and Social Media Marketing for the brand that appeals to A, A + consumers who want to spend a cute, friendly and peaceful holiday in Ayvalık, where we are enchanted by olive trees, markets, narrow streets, antique shops and cute places.
Ayvalıktaki Eviniz
Ege Bölgesi Sanayi Odası
We trained 100+ marketing experts from member industrial companies with Aegean Region Chamber of Industry in 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19
İzmir Ticaret Borsası Logo PNG
The place of Turkish agriculture in the economy has a 6.1 percent share. Turkey can mobilize this potential with Digital Marketing. We organized a training titled Agriculture and Social Media with İzmir Commodity Exchange.
İzmir Beşiktaşlılar Derneği
The leading business people of Izmir have been living and keeping alive their love for Beşiktaş under the leadership of the legendary President Süleyman Seba since 1992, without discrimination, with the identity of the İzmir Beşiktaş Supporters Association. It declares donation campaigns and awareness  mobilization in areas such as Health, Art, Education and Sports With its social responsibility projects. We have been providing Web and Social Media consultancy since 2019, contributing to the increase of this pure love by sharing.
We gave consultancy  in İzmir Karşıyaka and İzmir Alsancak on fan communication, store digital integration and internet advertising to X that has a number of sports clubs in Turkey and stores network.
Türkiye İnsan Yönetimi Derneği
We had a special training with human resources specialists who are trying to make the best decision in order to employ the right personnel for the right job and to digitalize the economic, psychological and functional benefits offered by the brand.
We held Tourism and Digital Marketing trainings with the Kuşadası Chamber of Commerce in 2016-17 and 2018-19 academic seasons.
Contemporary throwing the basis for development in Turkey with information, modern, working for an independent future ideas on all kinds of software and hardware, my career with take place at the beginning of that technology in Turkey laid the first steps, the first invention, the first We worked on informatics-entrepreneurship-informatics law in numerous activities with our Non-Governmental Organization, where I had the experience of producing projects together with my professional leaders who took numerical evaluations, first steps and many more.
Teknoloji Üreten Türkiye İçin
We used Internet Advertising for the new generation retailing R&D projects realized with the vision of “Production, Wholesale, Retail” with Giltaş A.Ş., one of the well-established BT companies of İzmir. We have provided access to the target audience determined with our local digital advertising efforts,  by both field studies and digital asset analysis.
Üretim Toptan Perakende
We have provided E-Commerce, Social Media Marketing and Internet Advertising consultancy to Günkut Saat brand, which appeals to A ++ consumers with its domestic and international activities in the watch and accessory sector Since 1934.
Zamanı Değerli Kıl
dekortas somine

We are proud to be DEKORTAŞ brand preference that Turkey’s largest fireplace manufacturer. We continue to work in all channels of digital marketing with Dekortaş. We support the Dekortaş brand to deliver a fireplace to each house.

Dekortaş Şömine
ışıkkent eğitim kampüsü logo
In our country, where educational success is evaluated solely based on exam results, Işıkkent Education Campus pioneers education at international standards with innovative approaches based on scientific research. We worked on social media communication and marketing, especially international events.
Işıkkent Eğitim Kampüsü
Milagro Tarım Ürünleri A.Ş. is an establishment serving in the livestock sector. It also imports feed for horses under the brand and also produces in Izmir under the Spirit brand. We introduce the baits produced for horses with leadership in their soul, in the New Media of the New World, with our team with success in their soul.
Naras makine logo

Naras is the main partnership of important companies in the Turkish agricultural sector operating in the international market. These companies, which are pioneers, manufacturers and exporters in the sector, created the NARAS brand while aiming to make a voice in the international market with a visionary initiative called “Agricultural Machinery Partnership”. MK New Media team brings the Naras brand to its international digital marketing goals by using its unique achievements in the field of agriculture as a role model.

Naras Makine
We made social media and internet advertisements of Özlem Tarım that Growing and developing together with its customers who is involved in the progress of Turkish animal husbandry since 1980. Özlem Tarım produces the most economical and balanced feed in order to be sustainable and productive towards its investors, customers and employees, and by delivering it to its customers on time, it ensures that its customers benefit from the feed to the maximum. We ensure that this smoothly functioning system is structured with New Media and reaches the producers.
Özlem Tarım
ROBOT first time in Turkey – SOURCE technology that enables the application and therefore can carry on TEKNOKROM European level of the quality of products of the sector now has a pioneer in web design and software technology.