Your digital marketing strategy is your most important tool that creates your roadmap to achieve your goals.


How is our communication with the mass in the channels where we exist in digital?What is my audience doing in digital?


What kind of language should we use in which channels and according to what should we publish?


Action is the step in which strategies are implemented. It is possible for social media to generate the biggest revenue in your sales channels!


Does it make sense where to go when you don’t know where you are?

The strategy guides you to take action even in the toughest market conditions. The biggest secret in the social media planning of international companies is the quality of their work in this step. After determining the strategy for your company, you need to decide how to reach it in the fastest and most reliable way. I can use the experiences I have gained in many sectors with my team while determining your strategy.

All you have to do is to prepare a detailed brief about the services and products that you will prioritize. Leave things that will happen from now on to our experience in data analysis and the industry.

1) Where are you?

Many social media strategies are prepared by repeating a successful process without understanding the brand. However, each brand is special and its characteristic features make it different. For this reason, analyzing the brand’s position in the market is the most important step in your journey in the digital world.

2) What are your possibilities?

In a world with unlimited resources, we could not talk about sciences such as economics and business. We know that time and budget are not infinite variables for brands. We can determine a strategy according to your brand’s possibilities. We will determine the most profitable time and budget parameters for you.

3) What is the Position You Want?

Every brand and organization wants to get the best position. Achieving the best position according to the current market and location is not always the result of successful work. It is not enough to follow a successful path in strategies in the digital world. It is necessary to be more successful than the competitors. This desire is not about having more budget, but about using opportunities and time together.


Analysis ensures that you are not late for the future at all hours of work. We’ve set a strategy and things are going very well, right?

How to get superiority over competitors? How to get a stronger position? Any business that is indifferent to the analysis process cannot follow a path that gives confidence about the future. Data analysis should be the most important test area that every brand should simulate itself.

 The companies we do data analysis work with position their investments according to the realities of the digital world, not according to predictions. Today, where classical marketing strategies are obsolete, the biggest advantage starts with collecting the necessary data and analyzing them correctly.

1) Brand Analysis

Brand analysis allows companies to see their own positions. Every firm defines itself with its flawless sides. To understand the difference between fact and interpretation, it is necessary to use the indicators of data analysis. Are these perfect sides understood by people?

2) Competitor Analysis

Whether or not you are in the ecosystem where competitors are unicorns, the biggest definition of your company’s reputation is the substitution scores you get relative to your competitors. What kind of substitution variable does your company obtain in price / quality parameters compared to your competitors?

3) Market Analysis

Market analysis is a type of analysis that evaluates the data about how your brand has a share in the ecosystem where it is located and what kind of share it will take in the future. With this analysis, we can turn the variables in your market into advantage. The way to find the optimum balance in SWOT analysis is to evaluate the market and brand position objectively.


Planning is the most important step at the beginning of the business, after the strategy and analysis studies, to turn into action.

Planning should be both applicable in the long term and flexible in various situations. Only a study of this nature can be the true measure of success.

 The action plans in our work progress in line with daily and monthly targets. After the implementation of the plans made at the beginning of the project, the analysis phase is repeated and the action plans are focused on the maximum opportunities. The advantages in the platforms and the sectoral variables of the brand require the planning phase to be dynamic. Non-dynamic planning program means insisting on an estimate.

The team’s abilities should be able to be integrated for the target in every condition and situation. For this reason, we prefer our teammates to have a wide range of interests in order to follow a qualified path.

1) Determining Platform Preferences

Working on every platform in the digital world is the most natural joint decision that brands and strategists will want. It is not possible to work on all platforms within the bounds of possibility. Choosing this natural balance and criteria specific to each platform in accordance with the brand and planning in line with this curriculum is the target key of successful projects. We believe that success starts with making the most of each platform’s advantages.

2) Generating Brand Action Ideas

The margin of error at the moment of action should remain minimal, including the likelihood of independent variables occurring. There should be sufficient numerical data and concrete targets for planning and flow.

3) Management of the Decision Process

Decision process variables are evaluated with instant measurements in order to follow a qualified path after the planning phase.


Every firm expects to achieve better results in their growth targets. Studies conducted through digital marketing are the most objective indicators of how realistic progress has been made in this goal.

The transformation of each planning phase into action is a process in which many business-related criteria are taken into account. Different solutions are offered from time to time in the targeting of action plans, especially in the field of paid ads. For this reason, it is necessary to take different positions daily according to the competitors and the market. In this regard, the expectations of both the customer side and the digital marketing team must be met.

 While adhering to the plans, not missing the maximum benefit and following the studies is the area we pay most attention to. We take positions according to instant variables during the action process. In case of catching the sales targets early, we evaluate the opportunities. Our difference at this stage is the biggest factor that many of our customers prefer us.

1) Preparation of Action Plan

Analyzes were completed and strategies were determined. It is time to transfer this potential to the real world. Seeing the change in sales and brand reputation, our customers cannot hide their surprise at this stage.

2) Evaluation of Analysis

The biggest difference between digital marketing and classical marketing techniques is that digital marketing is measurable. For this reason, if the applied plan is not analyzed from time to time, the power of the digital world cannot be fully exploited. For this reason, actions should be analyzed every day, when customer interaction turns into instantaneous times.

3) Evaluation of Monthly Goals

Comparison of the plans created at the beginning of the business and the works in the action phase at the end of the month, using objective data of companies such as Facebook and Google in this comparison allows the work of both the digital marketing team and the firm to be tested.

Meetings held at the end of each month can be delayed or got early when necessary. In this regard, we plan according to the timings of our customers. While we support the agencies and companies we support abroad, we make our business sustainable with the same meticulousness in our online meetings.