How Did Our Story Begin?

Our story started in 2014 under the leadership of Metehan Karataş by our team evaluates and interprets its achievements in statistics, public relations, sociology, software and advertising science fields, thinking with mathematical concepts and problem solving, abstract thinking ability, curiosity to research in depth, attention, patience, not being tired of dealing with details and many computer programming for our clients, identifies social problems, proposes solutions within the framework of scientific results, and the ideal of writing success stories with high added value by transforming the results into quality . Today, our company continues to write new success stories with the passion of the first day with the inspiration of dozens of pioneering institutions in the industry. It continues to be a renewable energy source for young entrepreneurs who will carry quality to the future with pioneering educational mobilities in the field of digital marketing and marketing experts who deeply feel the desire for change and enthusiasm.



Your digital marketing strategy is your most important tool that creates your roadmap to achieve your goals.


How is our communication with the mass in the channels where we exist in digital?What is my audience doing in digital?


What kind of language should we use in which channels and according to what should we publish?


Action is the step in which strategies are implemented. It is possible for social media to generate the biggest revenue in your sales channels!